Video sharing & collaboration website with SharePoint 2013 without coding


In this post, I will show an example of implementation of a video website solution with SharePoint 2013 without writing a single line of code. This is a basic example of a video website with SP13 out of the box functionality, probably with more customization you can have more or less similar user experience like youtube, metacafe etc.
To build this SharePoint 2013 demo I used

1) Publishing feature
2) Asset Library
3) Search webparts (recommended, popular, search results, open search configuration to get data from youtube)
4) Notes board webpart

and that’s about it. Check out the following demo video

Hope you like it. Do share your feedback !!!!

  • skippymouse

    Hi…I like this a lot and have been trying to come up with something similar. What page template was used for this??

  • skippymouse

    Any chance you could post or email the setup to me? It would save some productive time and gather my undying gratitude!

  • akgupta24

    Sorry couldn’t reply before. As far I remember, I modified master page, used one of the existing page template but then for certain pages added Html layout to give a different look and feel. Sorry i don’t have the setup now as I did it long time and only for demo purpose. I can certainly try to build it again and probably send you the details but that can only happen on weekend :). just drop me your email by using contact me link in the top menu of this page.

    • skippymouse

      will do…thank you!!

  • ricitiadmin

    This is not a how to, more like a what we can do. It would be great if you can have the step by step how to as well.

    • akgupta24


    • akgupta24

      Thanks for your comment. I did get similar requests from other visitors too. Will try to do this one soon (just that didn’t get much time for this).