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SharePoint 2013 – Community Site Template

In this blog post we will go through the Community site template, which comes by default in SharePoint 2013 preview. Firstly let’s create the site collection based on the community site template as shown below

Ok, now as our site is ready, let’s have a look at the landing page of the community site we just created.

We should now add few discussion threads, so that the landing is filled up a bit.

You can classify the discussion to be a question by clicking on question checkbox like shown below.

Okay after we have added couple of discussions, the landing page will look like shown below.

Next step will be  to add couple of replies to a thread. Once you add a reply, you will see that you can view the replies for the discussion in three ways 1. Date Posted 2. Recent ones first. 3. Most liked – the replies with most likes. Again I don’t understand, why social tags support is not provided to most of the textboxes and why is it only available in MySite? Also I couldn’t find my way back to the home page. Where are the breadcrumbs?

Once I added those replies and went to landing page, I faced couple of issues. One some design issues (may be it’s only with my browser and screen resolution i.e. 1024) and second, if you see in the image below that I have 2 replies for the first thread but still in bottom right section i.e. What’s happening – it shows 0 replies. So something is really odd out there.

Now let’s talk about Community tools. If you click “Assign badges to members”, you will see a page like shown below. In this page you can assign the Gift badges to members of this community.

If you click on Reputation settings in Community Tools section on landing page, you will be redirected to a page like shown below. In this page you can configure rating settings, point system settings, achievement level settings, achievement badges, add/modify existing gift badges configured in this community site for users.

If you click on Manage the list of gifted badges you will be taken to a page like shown below where you can manage the gift badges, which can be gifted to community members by moderators of the site.

You can modify the community related settings by clicking on “Community settings” in Community tools section on the community landing page.

You can manage the various discussions (if you have the right as a community user) by clicking on “Manage Discussions” link in Community tools section in home page. Following images will give examples of managing the discussions.

You can also mark a discussion as featured by selecting the discussion and clicking on “Mark as Featured” under Moderation tab in the header like shown below. Featured discussions are shown on top of the list on home page.

You can see the list of featured discussions list by clicking on “Featured discussions” view.

Now lets’ have a look at left section on landing page of this community site.

You can add/view/modify the categories as shown in image below.

If you click on Members link in the left section you will be redirected to a page like shown below, where you can see list of users who are members of this community site in various views like “Top contribution”, “New Members”, “A-Z” etc. The page will also show your information related to the membership of this community site and you can also opt to leave this community by clicking “Leave the community” button on bottom right of the page.

You can get more information about the community by clicking “About link” in the left section like shown below.

You can modify the content by just clicking on Edit page in the header.

Lastly, the image below gives you a view of searching in the community site.

Hope you like the post.

  • prasadobjectmodel

    i have added the serach center url in that search administartion settings link from site collection admin section. but i am not able to view the communities created after entering the keyword as you mentioned.
    i am not getting why i am redirected to the search center site.
    as per the steps, i should get the search results, immed. when i key in the keyword in the box from communityportal search box web part
    Can you pls tell , any other settings need to be changed .

    thnx for your time