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SharePoint 2013 – Site Template – Community Portal

In this blog post we will have a look at Community Portal Site template, which comes by default in SharePoint 2013 preview. Prior to creating site collection with community portal site template, I have created few community sites (for more information on a community site check out this Link. Ok then let’s now create a site collection based on community portal template.

Now our site is ready to play with. Let’s have a look at the landing page of the site we have just created out of community portal site template.

If you see the landing page of the site we just created, there is not much to talk about. Only couple of functionalities is on the page – a) Search Box b) List of popular communities available.

Now if at this stage you enter keyword in the search box and click enter you may get following error

The reason I was getting the error because the search page URL was not configured for the community portal site. Hence I configured the search URL by going to site settings and then clicking on Search Settings- like shown in the images below

Once I configured the search center URL, I was good to go back on landing page and try my hands again on searching.

Bingo!!! After clicking search button, I was redirected to Conversations tab in the search center like shown below.

Like I said in start, not much to talk about in this site template. But it will certainly be useful if you are part of multiple communities or to get bird eye view of various communities implemented in your organization.

Hope you like the post.

  • Reza Rahmati

    Thanks for your article, I have created community portal, but it keeps showing “There are currently no communities in this view.” while I have 2 community sites. How can I overcome this?