SharePoint2013 – search results like timeline in Facebook or like Pinterest or in a Carousel

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SharePoint 2013 has loads of new features which can help you create many innovative business solutions. In this post I will talk and demo one such feature i.e. ability to apply custom display templates to search results

Some information about Display Templates concept in SharePoint 2013 – Blog Link

How to create a custom Display Template ? Of all the blog posts I read for my reference, I found this Post Link most useful.

In this demo, I am showing 3 types of display templates

1. Pinterest style – In this type, result items are shown in form of grid layouts. I used masonry jQuery plugin to configure the layout like pinterest.

2. TimeLine style – Nothing much to explain here – as the title says search results are shown in form of a timeline like Facebook.

3. Carousel style – Search results are shown as individual items in a carousel. I used featured carousel jQuery plugin to show the data in form of carousel.

Hope you enjoy the demo