SharePoint 2013 – Template – Blog Site Template


SharePoint 2013 – Template – Blog Site Template

Continuing the series my blog posts on SharePoint 2013, today I will cover Blog Site template, which comes by default in SharePoint 2013 preview

To start with let’s create a blog site by going in Central Administration

Ok as you can see now in the image below, our blog site is ready to play with

Now let’s have a look at landing page of the blog site we just created. I will not be going through header controls as I have done those already in my first blog on SP2013.

Now let’s add few posts. In the image below we are adding a new post. There is an option to either publish the image below post or save the post as draft to be published later on. You can classify your post to one or more categories configured in the site. I wonder why there is no option (at least I couldn’t figure out) for subcategories. One certainly expects a combination of category and subcategory to classify a blog post. Also it would have been better if we had option to add tags to the blog post in this form itself.

Following image gives us a view on how to add a comment to a blog post. It would have been good if we had support of social tags like “@ for people and # for tags” while adding a comment.

Okay now lets check the landing page again. In image below we are checking out the landing page after adding couple of posts and changing the post layout from “Boxed” to “Basic” from tools section

In image below we have changed the layout from “Basic” to “Inline”. I certainly like the Boxed one compared to basic or inline view.

Now if you see on bottom right there is a section with heading “About this blog”. You can edit the section just by editing the page like shown in image below.

You can add additional categories to classify blog posts like shown in image below.

You can manage the posts like shown below.

You can manage the existing categories like shown below.

Now if you go back on landing page and if you see the bottom left section by heading “Archives”. If you click one of the links in that section you will see a view like shown in image below.

Last bit in this post is about searching in the blog site. Following image gives us a view of searching in a blog site.

I loved most of what I saw in the blog site but there is still lot to improve like category/subcategory, tags while creating posts, social tags, SEO friendly URLS etc.