some real world big data problems


I am assuming, you are already stung by big data honey bee so I won’t go explaining big data problem. Here is my list of some real world big data problems

1. Integrated E-Governance
– Information related to citizens
– Tax related information
– Information related to various policies
– Finance, defence etc. related information
– Records management

2. Unified electronic health record management
– Single electronic record for life time for an individual
– Able to track, search, add to the electronic record
– Able to feed and integrate with external services like insurance
– Predict future healthcare needs

3. Weather information management
– Adding, monitoring, managing related information to weather in various parts of a country
– Predicting, forecasting future weather
– Predicting future calamities and helping in reducing damages.
– Finding patterns in information related to weather

4. Advertisement management by ad agency
– Advertisement engine needs effective trend analytics
– Trend analytics needs a lot of data
– Real time data analysis
– Archive management

5. Records management to support legal system
– Compliance enforcement
– Archive management
– Duplicacy finder
– Versioning management
– Fast discovery of the huge data
– Document taxonomy solution

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  • sandeep chugh

    One DB or solution cant suffice all the needs as well..different domains have their unique requirements with big data…:)

    • akgupta24

      Sorry but not able to understand the context of the comment? In this post I have only talked about certain real world scenarios which have big data problem … solutions which I guess you talking is a separate topic which I didn’t try to cover.