jSPWrap Version 1.0 released


Today I am releasing version 1.0 of jSPWrap. Documentation will be soon updated and will be available for public reference. You can download the package with the examples from download page.

What is jSPWrap ?

jSPWrap is a jquery plugin (flexible to extend) to provide common methods and events as a Wrapper to read data from SharePoint through different providers like REST/ECMA.  Webservices provider will be added soon.

High Level Roadmap ?

1. To provide support for webservice provider for SharePoint.

2.  To provide support for Add/Modify/Delete operations too.

3. To provide more Real time examples as wrappers based on jSPWrap plugin.

Current Examples?

Have added around 7 examples starting from hello world on how to use the plugin.

Added example on how to use jqGrid in SharePoint with jSPWrap (refer jSPGridWrap.js in the package available at download page).

Also added example on having a youtube player in Sharepoint with help of jSPWrap( refer jSPVideoWrap.js in the package available at download page).

Any license involved?

The  plugin is purely for education purpose. Till the time you don’t try to claim or copy and claim the plugin, feel free to do anything with it even to the extent of modifying any core files. Also I will be working on this plugin in my free time and hence it can have bugs, I will try to support as much I can on any bug reported but please do your own quality testing and I will be in no way responsible for any issue caused because of the plugin.


Please let me know if you have any suggestions/bugs/feedback.

I hope you enjoy the plugin work and it helps.  – Anirudh




  • K Kishore Reddy

    I simply downloaded JSWrap and deployed (SharePoint 2010 environment), while deploying I got one error in grid.base.js saying JSON not defined around (644 line number),

         Sorry I have not looked into code, but I want use it as newbie

  • K Kishore Reddy

    I have not even updated URL in the code