Welcome to HTML5 (part-1)

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HTML5 is next version of HTML and XHTML. HTML5 popularised atleast for me after famous comments from Steve Jobs in 2010 about FLASH.

So let me begin with HTML5 vs FLASH (famous topic for sometime now among bloggers). I will not go in detail of this topic as there are already loads of blogs about this comparison, but i will atleast give a summary of my thinking of HTML5 vs rest of RIA technologies.

AdoptionAdoption should increase
going forward but as far now, nowhere near FLASH
Clear winner. Source periscopic.com
Browser SupportIE9, Chrome, Firefox. Issues with browsers < IE9. Javascripts like excanvas.js can provide support for certain HTML5 tags in IE but no official support is big hurdle for using html5 in any enterprise softwareAgain clear winner though there is dependency on flash plugin so some advantage for HTML5 going forward once adoption increases
PerformanceFlash kind of wins this roundSource: themainblue.com
FeaturesFlash at least for now wins this roundWinner. But then again FLASH is a mature platform.It will take while for HTML5 to catch up
DRM supportThough companies like microsoft, google, netflix have proposed for DRM support in HTML5 but it's not there yet.Winner
Accessibility Though questionable but I still believe this one goes to HTML5There are new accessibility features and support with Flash player 10
Cross platformFlash winsI think with maturity HTML5 will catch up soon on Flash for this

Now the question is Why HTML5 ?

Good to be nativeNo need of installing plugins like flash player, silverlight and still have advance visualisation with CANVAS
Offline StorageFuture of smart apps can be based on HTML. Though this is huge I have my own questions around security because of this feature( I will cover that in separate post)
Better performanceAgain soon (with maturity of HTML5) experience of web apps can be expected to be like desktop apps
Security -Safe Web AppsAgain this bit is questionable. But the fact HTML5 removes dependency on any plugin which can be vulnerable to various attacks is certainly an advantag
Easy to developTechnologies related to HTML5 - Javascript/CSS/HTML are relatively easy to learn than Flash, Silverlight etc
Lower development cost