essential ingredients for building next gen enterprise product

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Although there is no guaranteed bullet list for building a successful enterprise product, I feel there are some ingredients(in no specific order) which you simply can’t miss to build a product for today

Cross device support – (mobiles, tablets, desktops etc.)
This one needs no introduction. In 21st century it is expected by most of enterprise users that a product is supported on iPads, desktop browsers etc. Surely exceptions are for products based on highly sensitive data.

Real time data access
Gone are those days, when we had to refresh browser 1000 times to know, if there is any update in the data presented in the page. Post Facebook era, users expect to access the data, if and when it is available in the system.

Present less but contextual & meaningful data
Today you cannot simply present all the data and expect end user to consume and make sense of it. Imagine a project management tool showing feeds/updates from all the projects to an employee who is part of just 1 project and it is expected from that user to manually filter the updates to a specific project he is part of. Simply won’t work!!!

Nobody is as smart as everybody. — Kevin Kelly
A product should be flexible enough to integrate with other 3rd party products.

Intelligent alerts & notifications
This is really difficult one. Continuous email updates from a system can soon make it a SPAM source  and hence you should invest in building some kind of intelligence in alerts & notifications to keep end users engaged in the content of those emails.

Good to have ingredients
a) Single Sign-On
b) End user API
c) Multilingual
d) Multi-Tenant
e) Offline Support

Please do share ingredients you feel, I missed !!!
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